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10 best pubs in Richmond

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Lass o Richmond hill

Previously forgotten pub, but now with new management this cosy little place serves amazing food and great beer. Very cosy and perfect place for a pint after a walk in Richmond park

Chris more than 1 year ago

The Mitre Tw9

I agree with Jim. The Mitre is should have definitely made the list. I don’t understand that you can do a list of the top 10 pubs. When ou clearly visited all the pubs

John more than 5 years ago

White Swan, Richmond

The White Swan IS in Richmond, down Old Palace Lane!! And should most definitely be in the top 10!!!

Lynsey more than 5 years ago

Another Missing pub

The Mitre in East Richmond/North Sheen. A fine array of ales and ciders. A large beer garden and enormous screen for sports. Music and seasonal events.

Jim more than 5 years ago


Might be a large screen but I've never seen sports on it. Is that a thing now? I know rugby was put on but that's of no interest to me.

Bob more than 5 years ago

Missing pub

Any list that does not include The White Swan is not correct.

Bob more than 5 years ago

The White swan is not in Richmond The

The White swan is not in Richmond..That's why it's not on the list...! But I do love that pub

Nick Guinness more than 5 years ago

White Swan

The White Swan is in Richmond as Lynsey correctly points out. The Mitre though close is technically not.

Adam more than 5 years ago

Yes it is.

Nick, there are two white swan pubs. One in Twickenham, the other is just off Richmond Green down Old Palace Lane, which is most assuredly in Richmond.

Bob more than 5 years ago

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