Being active is not the preserve of the young. There are plenty of fitness opportunities for the older (wannabe) athlete, discovers Fiona Adams more

12 Jul 2017 15:50 Health/beauty

From posh picnics to cool cakes and classes, summertime is filled with gorgeous, gastronomic goings-on. Sophie Farrah rounds up the very best more

12 Jul 2017 15:04 Food

Whether you’re looking for a contemporary apartment, old house or a home with mod cons but a traditional twist, you’re in the right place, says Brooke Theis more

16 Jun 2017 15:57 Property

The Royal Botanic Gardens has teamed up with the Bolney Estate in West Sussex to produce two new sparkling wines. Margaret Clancy does the decent thing and tries them both more

16 Jun 2017 11:57 Wine

In need of some motivation to get out and exercise? Sophie Farrah looks at local hotspots where food and fitness combine in delicious harmony more

16 Jun 2017 11:45 Food

Carlton Kirby is one of the most familiar voices in cycling. Ahead of this year’s Tour de France, the Eurosport commentator tells Fiona Adams how his career took him from Sheffield to Teddington via Norwich and the South Seas more

15 Jun 2017 16:45 Interviews 1 Comments

Nadia Clifford (Jane Eyre) NT Jane Eyre Tour 2017. Photo by BrinkhoffM+¦genburg (2).JPG


4 STARS, June 12-17. Jane Eyre, the highly acclaimed National Theatre production of Charlotte Bronte's story of a woman's fight for self expression and freedom landed down at Richmond Theatre this week, Con Crowley reviews more

14 Jun 2017 11:00 Theatre/Arts 1 Comments

4 STARS, June 3-10. It's a nightmarishly good performance from the RSS of Franz Kafka's classic Metamorphosis. Richard Nye enjoys/endures a production that masterfully explores universal human fears more

6 Jun 2017 10:47 Theatre/Arts

5 STARS, May 18 – June 24. "If you want to be reminded why you love theatre and you’re OK with stroboscopes, the ‘f’ word and a bit of violence, go and see this play!", says Richard Davies more

5 Jun 2017 10:39 Theatre/Arts

Press 3 - Tim Delap (Rochester) Nadia Clifford (Jane Eyre) NT Jane Eyre Tour 2017.jpeg


5 STARS, June 12-17. This may be a life story not a love story, but the passion is by no means lacking in this stunning adaptation of the Charlotte Bronte classic, says Jane McGowan more

30 May 2017 12:25 Theatre/Arts

Jane McGowan talks to Daniel de Andrade, the director and choreographer of the Northern Ballet’s production of The Boy in the Striped in Pyjamas more

22 May 2017 15:10 Theatre/Arts

4 STARS, May 17-20. Kick off your Sunday shoes, dance off your bobby socks and join the prom at Bomont High for a sparkling, high kickin', hand jivin’ 80s night. more

19 May 2017 14:37 Theatre/Arts

Following a smart redesign and the launch of a new menu earlier this year, Sophie Farrah heads to the The Petersham Hotel’s award-winning restaurant to check out what’s new… more

9 May 2017 10:06 Food

Ivy Cafe Richmond - by Paul Winch-Furness  - 0225 copy.jpg

Paul Winch-Furness

Straight from London’s West End the new Ivy Café has finally opened its doors in Richmond. Sophie Farrah pops in to see if it’s retained it’s Theatreland magic… more

28 Apr 2017 16:37 Food

4 STARS, April 24-29. Abigail is still partying after 40 years - Karen Arcay reviews this cult play at Richmond Theatre, showing until Saturday April 29th more

25 Apr 2017 15:10 Theatre/Arts

Ivy Cafe Richmond - by Paul Winch-Furness  - 0538 copy.jpg

Paul Winch-Furness

As The Ivy opens a new café in Richmond, Sophie Farrah explores the 100-year history of the world-famous celebrity restaurant that oozes theatreland glamour more

21 Apr 2017 16:47 Food

3 STARS, Apr 12-15. "The current production at Richmond Theatre may not be its greatest ever staging, but on balance is still worth seeing" says Richard Davies more

12 Apr 2017 16:33 Theatre/Arts

4.5 STARS, March 30 – May 1. For lovers of rom-coms and Jane Austen coquetery, the Lottery of Love at the Orange Tree, Richmond is a brilliant night’s entertainment. Con Crowley reviews more

5 Apr 2017 14:27 Theatre/Arts

To celebrate April's Earth Day Sophie Farrah explores the power of plants and takes a look at some of the best local places to go veggie or vegan more

30 Mar 2017 15:53 Food

Jane McGowan meets Paul Miller, celebrated artistic director of Richmond’s Orange Tree Theatre more

30 Mar 2017 12:47 Theatre/Arts

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