Simon Collins

5 STARS, July 17-21. The latest production of “The Dream” by Richmond Shakespeare Society in the Fountain Gardens at York House begins like a clanking rusty engine but ends as a triumph for community theatre, says Simon Collins more


14724_The Company in Saint George and the Dragon (c) Johan Persson.jpg


3 STARS, October 2 – December 2. This version of the George and Dragon myth is a diverting paddle in the lukewarm shallows of a parallel universe, says Simon Collins more


4 STARS, October 23 – January 6. Ink is a tabloid show evoking the birth of The Sun, Britain’s best selling paper, during the zany pop culture of the 1960's more


Elizabeth McCafferty / Flossie Hyde


4 STARS, October 17 – December 6. The National Youth Theatre’s production of Jekyll and Hyde at the Ambassadors Theatre is a strange case of rumbustious inspiration rather than adaptation more


4 STARS. Henry Naylor’s new play, the Angel of Kobane, exemplifies the view that theatre should be a means of understanding the world beyond the news headlines, says Simon Collins more


5 STARS, June 20 – July 23. Simon Collins is left in stitches from an uproarious performance of wordless comedy by America's Got Talent finalist, Tapeface more


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