Spare a kind thought for the new political fall girl more

17 Nov 2017 15:10 News


Geraint Lewis

4 STARS, October 4-7. "A thoroughly engrossing, beautifully acted production that carries real conviction and political punch," says Amanda Hodges more

4 Oct 2017 11:10 Theatre/Arts

5 STARS for a brilliant play, expertly portrayed by a superb cast. Grab a ticket if you can, advises Jackie Bryans more

19 Sep 2017 10:35 Theatre/Arts

William Gadsby Peet meets former MP and bestselling author Jeffrey Archer ahead of his talk at the Windsor Festival more

24 Aug 2017 11:23 Interviews

Three cheers for a liberal dose of integrity more

22 Aug 2017 17:20 News

Writer, TV star and ex-MP Edwina Currie tells Miranda Jessop about the joys of septuagenarian life more

12 Jul 2017 10:48 Interviews

With the General Election just around the corner, William Gadsby Peet invites the Conservative, Labour and Liberal Democrat candidates for the constituency of Windsor to make their case... more

22 May 2017 17:23 News

Beware the polls of June. They may tell a deceptive tale more

19 May 2017 15:16 News

Businesswoman, campaigner, friend. Sarah Tucker interviews her long-time pal and the woman who took the Government to court over Brexit more

27 Mar 2017 11:50 Interviews

178192-high_res-bbc-radio-4-presenters copy.jpg

Rolf Marriott BBC

He is part of the broadcasting aristocracy. But John Humphrys has a charitable eye on the poor. Ahead of a talk in Epsom this month, Emily Horton hears his thoughts on Today and hopes for tomorrow more

15 Mar 2017 11:41 Interviews

Enough clowning around. This US comedy has a long way to run more

21 Nov 2016 10:52 News

Time for Americans to decide. Can they do it? No they can’t! more

27 Oct 2016 11:42 News

Windsor, Ascot & Maidenhead Magazine has made headlines when The Mail on Sunday picked up a Q&A it published with Prime Minister Theresa May. The interview might have been done back in 2005, but it's still very telling of what makes Mrs May tick more

15 Jul 2016 11:32 Interviews

Richard Nye has a tongue in cheek look at the story of one local resident who chose freedom above the status quo more

21 Jun 2016 12:31 News

shutterstock_380564566 copy 2.jpg


With the EU referendum looming, the campaigns are in full swing. What do you think of the show so far? Rubbish, says Sarah Tucker. more

23 May 2016 15:19 News

Katherine Davies, founder and CEO of Iguacu, is a Battersea mother who is walking to Switzerland to take messages4peace to the head of the peace talks in Geneva. more

14 Apr 2016 10:50 News

Sadiq Khan has been Tooting's MP since 2005 and is the new Mayor of London. William Gadsby Peet had spoken to Mr Khan about his plans for London before he won the mayorship of Britain's capital city more

12 Apr 2016 13:12 News

Zac Goldsmith has been Richmond and North Kingston's MP since 2010 and is one of the two frontrunners to become the next Mayor of London. William Gadsby Peet got in touch with Zac to talk about his plans for London if he becomes Mayor. more

1 Apr 2016 10:43 News

Sir Vince Cable is well over 65 and no longer an MP, but as he adds stewardship of a local mental health charity to his portfolio of commitments, he tells Rosanna Greenstreet that he is nowhere near retiring. more

21 Mar 2016 12:35 News


Justin Sutcliffe

Award-winning journalist and war correspondent Christina Lamb talks to Richard Nye about her new book on the tragedy of Afghanistan more

1 Jul 2015 00:00 Interviews

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