Catherine Bardrick

4 STARS, until January 20. Catherine Bardick enjoys a sparkling comedy of mayhem and mischief as Surrey is invaded by Socialism and Feminism. Life in a country house will never be the same again. more

19 Dec 2017 11:04 Theatre/Arts

4 STARS, November 2 – December 2. Catherine Bardrick awards four stars to an intense exploration of grief and loss which asks the question, 'Is it ever possible to move on?' more

7 Nov 2017 10:28 Theatre/Arts

07 Jack Tarlton as Stillman in Paul Auster's City of Glass by 59 Productions. Photo by Jonathan Keenan..jpg

Jonathan Keenan

5 STARS, Apr 21 – May 20. "The telephone ringing in the dead of night and the voice on the other end asking for someone he was not". This is a stunning adaptation of Auster's metaphysical detective novel, says Catherine Bardrick more

27 Apr 2017 10:20 Theatre/Arts

Three families married on the same day in the same chapel gather to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary. The celebrations are short lived, however, when they discover the vicar wasn’t licensed and they aren't actually married! more

12 Oct 2016 14:25 Theatre/Arts

Catherine Bardrick experiences the bizarre and densely-packed life story of flamboyant amputee actor Samuel Foote, brought to the stage of the Theatre Royal Haymarket in London until January 23 more

15 Sep 2016 09:46

Catherine Bardrick reviews a high class performance of 'Betrayal' at Hampton Hill Theatre. The Teddington Theatre Company executed Pinter's tale of infidelity and deception with slick professionalism earning itself 4.5 STARS more

12 Sep 2016 17:15 Theatre/Arts

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