Aliya Al-Hassan

4 STARS, Oct 11-14. This Andrew Lloyd Webber classic starring Joe McElderry is still a hit with audiences 50 years after it was first written, says Aliya Al-Hassan more

11 Oct 2017 11:04 Theatre/Arts

4 STARS, April 19-30. "Overall, this is a fresh and innovative musical with some standout acting", says Aliya Al-Hassan more

24 Apr 2017 15:19 Theatre/Arts

The Teddington Theatre Club revive two of Jimmie Chinn's plays: From Here to the Library and Too Long an Autumn. Both plays were originally premiered by the TTC and have been brought back to life with great care, says Aliya Al-Hassan. more

28 Feb 2017 10:38 Theatre/Arts

2.5 STARS. Unfortunately the genius of Molière's social commentary in The Miser was buried underneath an avalanche of slapstick and farce, says Aliya Al-Hassan more

23 Feb 2017 10:56 Theatre/Arts

The End of the Affair is Graham Greene’s evocative analysis of the love of self, the love of another, and the love of God. Bill Compton's stage adaptation, performed by the TTC was a mixed bag for Aliya Al Hassan in this 2.5 STAR review more

26 Sep 2016 17:18 Theatre/Arts

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