Why we want Tesco - locals respond to petition against new Bramley store

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Tesco Express is not a low cost store

Tesco admit themselves that the Express branded shops charge more on certain essentials than their superstores. This is the high price you will pay for convenience. The Tesco store may not be cheaper than Budgen or potentially Nisa or even your local independent. On top of poor ethics, bullying tactics against Waverley Council to force through planning at Godalming. They should not be also be supported when they bully suppliers on price and bulldoze their way onto our village streets with the false USP that they are cheap and community focused.

R Wilson more than 9 years ago

Tesco "respected"??? Pull the other one!

I quite agree with R.Wilson - Tesco's ethics are questionable, to say the least, and their Express prices are no better than other convenience stores. And if they really cared about local communities, they would not try to steamroller them into submission!

Steve more than 9 years ago

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