Interview: Guildford vegan activists, Monica and Andy Lilley

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Monica Lilley and Veganism

As a vegan myself I admire Monica's stand on the subject and her enthusiasm to spread the word. I believe that a vegan diet is natural, farming animals intensively for their meat and milk is a relatively recent development and it is very cruel, and it is having a profound and damaging effect on the environment. For ethical, health and environmental reasons going vegan is the natural thing to do. It is a pity that Monica is condemned for expressing her views peacefully. Many people close their minds to the truth because they are addicted to the food products that she is highlighting as unhealthy, unethical and polluting. I would never support violent methods of campaigning but, from what I have heard and read, Monica has done nothing to deserve being arrested.

Helen Elliott more than 7 years ago

Monica Lilley - vegan

I am dismayed that the Guildford Magazine commented that Monica Lilley has been "criticised for her controversial views". This is a lady who has repeatedly broken restraining orders and served a jail sentence for her continual harrsassment of under 18s. Both my children, now 11 and 12, repeatedly feel scared and threatened by her when in local playgrounds and when walking home alone from school, as are many other children. When asked to leave them alone Ms Lilley refuses to do so, vows to continue educating children and injects horrible fear into doing something kids should find carefree and fun. Several times recently we have been enjoying the peace and quiet of the Chantry Woods only to be hounded by Ms Lilley, whose persistent and threatening approach is deeply unpleasant and hard to deal with.
Your article implies that Ms Lilley's passion is harmless and yet the reality is it daily scares and intimidates many people, the majority of whom are too young to be able to cope with these situations and they should never have to.

Harriet Darcy more than 8 years ago

Character defamation

Reluctant as I am to grace Harriet Darcy's vitriolic character assassination of a wonderful lady with any comment whatsoever, I feel it necessary to challenge her libellous and unfounded accusations. Frankly the bitterness and defamatory bile in Ms Darcy's comment reveals more about her own nature than her target. A gentle peace, environmental, children and animal rights activist should not be attacked in this flagrant way. Monica Lilley continues to risk her own life and liberty to defend that of the most vulnerable, she is a powerful force for the transformation so desperately needed in the hearts and minds of humanity as exemplified by her unfortunate detractor. The fact that mine is the only response to this comment in 304 days shows what little credence this shameful piece conveys.

Ruth Hall more than 8 years ago

Stalking schools is NOT a way to make your point

However strongly held your views, does not give you the right to threaten others.

The Great Maj more than 7 years ago

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