We interview Caroline Garnham

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Reliity is where? Out of the back garden gate??? Lol!

Oh, how refreshing. Someone with all the easy opportunities in the world telling poor people their lack of wealth is their fault. And saying they are a minority! I could laugh...

Michelle Wareham more than 10 years ago

The Godfather?

Is the Godfather a good role model then?

Andrew Bradford more than 10 years ago

The super-rich

The super-rich should be thoroughly marinated before grilling due to their high gristle content.

Tom Sullivan more than 10 years ago


I feel a little queasy

Welshbeard more than 10 years ago


So many thoughts, none of them fit to write...!

Jason Regan more than 10 years ago

easy living

looks like she knows how to make an easy buck, and a had a few quid to to get the ball rolling... period! As for all those grumbling. we also need to fix up.... Positive Vibratioooons Positive:)

Caractac more than 10 years ago

The Self-Attribution Fallacy

As George Monbiot points out in this excellent article, if hard work were all that's required to get rich, every woman in Afirca would be a millionaire. http://www.monbiot.com/2011/11/07/the-self-attribution-fallacy/

It's laughable self-delusion. But of course the ultra rich have to kid themselves that they have 'earned; their wealth or they'd have to face up to the fact they're simply lucky or immoral or both.

Damo more than 10 years ago


She's a clever businesswoman: joining the 1% by becoming their Yellow Pages. But not so hot on PR or self awareness

Adam D'Souza more than 10 years ago

Dear Lord

Dear Lord, the entire economic system of this country is geared towards the rich. She must be blind if she can't see that (or she doesn't know how to critically think, but that's uncharitable :D)

William King more than 10 years ago

Jaw dropping!

The wealthy totally don't have nearly every MP sitting in their back pocket! No that would never happen - it's just not cricket, hey what! So no voice. Puuuuuurrrrrrrllllleeeeeezzzzzzz!

Andrew Duncan more than 10 years ago

"The wealthy do not have a union, they have no voice."

Last I checked, the Tories were that union..

RE more than 10 years ago


NHS staff, scientists and many more work so hard often exploited by the rich and never rewarded with big money -incensed!

Helen Gilbert more than 10 years ago


The wealthy don't have a union; they don't have a voice.. Is she serious? Any credibility to her argument flew out the door

Rita El Daghl more than 10 years ago

poorly paid staff

The rich get rich because they work hard...Or because they have poorly paid staff working twice as hard for them!

Lee Oulds more than 10 years ago

"The reason why the rich are getting richer is because they work so hard"

Whereas nurses and teachers sit on their arses all day, presumably.

David Jones more than 10 years ago

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