Our interview with Mary Lawson

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Wonderful read Crows Lake /The Other Side of the Bridge

I have just moved into a retirement village and found The Other Side of the Bridge in the library here. I found it to be a fascinating book which was a joy to read. The characters feel so real and the descriptions of the remote part of Canada are so cleverly done, you can picture the place in your mind. I have also just purchased Crows Nest and read it within a few days, another amazing book. Such a talented author who provides hours of joy. Thank you.

Judith Gibson more than 3 years ago

Thank you - The Other Side of the Bridge.

I just wanted to somehow thank Mary Lawson directly for providing me with a wonderful read! It was recommended to me by a friend and I have to say it was one of the best 'comfy' books I have read. The characters have a life of their own. Everything seemed quite relative. Very enjoyable indeed! Thanks again.

Kevin Rozon more than 7 years ago

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