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What you need to know about Sir William Perkins's School

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Sir Williams Perkins/ SWPS Real Experience

Above SWPS articles sounds good but real experiences is so poor,

1. School management/ teachers disorganised, with poor facilities and out of date technical education. Even took month of emails to obtain Microsoft office cloud login! Other schools offer automatically at start.

2. It’s extra curriculum clubs are so limited for private school most of which are charged more.

3. Cases of bullying that are ignored

4. Even lunch food food is neglected, so poor many forced to bring packed lunch from home.

5. if any parent decide to withdraw despite almost 3 months notice they failed to write a letter, use debt collectors friends to charge extra fee then refuse to respond and charge for full new term even without schooling! Heard other parent had 1.5 terms fee for withdrawing. This seems to be very much a racketeering scam!

6. The standard of education is very poor, my daughter found it Mickey mouse, in the new school much higher with proper class and homework being given.

6. During covid lock down totally inconsiderate, expecting full payment without even any home schooling!

I know many parents very disappointed and withdraw this year, do not waste your time, money and risk daughters education. I’m sure there’s proper far better private schools other places.

M. I 12 days ago

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