Rugby safety - the RFU's new youth plan

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Sane Reasoning

Dear Samantha,

Once again you bring sane reasoning to the problems of Life as we choose
to Live It. The balance of doing things safely, whilst NOT curtailing
usefulness or enjoyment too far, is a never-ending problem.

"Elf-and-Sifety" (like all religions) has been taken up by do-gooders and
profiteers to the extent that experience has been relegated to being
inferior to "written rules". Costly error.

But what you have highlighted is that sensible people CAN come up with
sensible guidance that will set a safe background to the process of
gaining experience.

Another aspect of this is the return to the Apprenticeship, which I am
delighted to see is making a broad return to learning-on-the-job across
commerce and industry.

As a Chartered Engineer, frequently having had to act in "dangerous
circumstances", I have relied all my career on the experiences gained
during my apprenticeship, enhanced by theoretical training about the
principles behind the "laws of nature".

As a nation, we have "lost" 30 years of sound learning for various
reasons. Government are now backing the apprenticeship principle -- but I
fear it is more to doctor statistics than from any real understanding of
"learning through experience under guidance".

Again, many thanks for your sound contributions to thinking in Surrey!

James more than 8 years ago

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