Music for babies in Surrey

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Dear Samantha,

A most interesting article; and as I have said before, you always talk
good sense, and add constructive thoughts to what sometimes seems a
hopelessly barren and facile society. Well done.

The value of music goes on through all the years of formation, through all
the years of active life, and through into those excellent times of
retirement when one can allocate a bit more time to in-depth enjoyment.

To my mind music is a very significant discipline. The period to which
your article applies represents the discipline of marshalling the brain's
laying down of connections.

Then comes the period of conscious response to the ordered thinking
required for the appreciation of music (of all types, even noise sequences
that I would hesitate to dub "music").

Then, if one is lucky enough to have the right education system in place,
and/or come from the right family background, singing or learning an
instrument and playing with others is a really comprehensive discipline,
enhancing brain-power, dexterity, social awareness, tolerance -- and any
other useful attributes one might like to list!!

I declare NO vested interest as I am not a musician, but my wife was, and
our children all enjoyed and practised music. Indeed my son who (like me)
is a Chartered Engineer, is also lead 'cello of the Birmingham
Philharmonic Orchestra, the main amateur orchestra of the area. On the
materialistic side, it can be said that music brings him a nice bit of
"pocket-money" from time to time, together with the pleasure of
performances with like-minded folk.

Now that I am long-retired and a widower, I still get a great deal of
(slightly sad) solace from concerts, and radio, and records; so I feel we
all have to keep pressure on the educationalists to ensure that music has
always a significant place in schools and colleges -- for the good of us

With best wishes for the festive season, and the coming year. I shall keep

James MacCarthy

James MacCarthy more than 10 years ago

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