Beat the board-om: great family board games

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Games different prices

Those are all great games, but I'm afraid the RRPs are a lot different from what you've suggested. Hanabi is £8.99, Dixit is £24.99 (Dixit Odyssey, the version that is suitable for 12 players is £29.99), and Ticket to Ride is £32.99. And sorry to nitpick, but the cards pictured by werewolf are from One Night Ultimate Werewolf, which is only up to 10 players.

Louise more than 8 years ago

re: Games different prices

Thanks for your feedback, Louise!

Hanabi and Ticket to Ride's RRPs are listed as £12.99 and £32.99, respectively, on Amazon UK – though as we note in the article, you can easily get them at a lower price (indeed, Amazon has a discount right now). Dixit's price is based off its RRP at time of writing. Good catch on One Night Ultimate Werewolf – I've amended the entry.

William Gadsby Peet (Essential Surrey) more than 8 years ago

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