Co-ed or single sex?

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Jim - that's a ridiculous comparison. You have completely misunderstood the argument.

Sam more than 10 years ago


In what way have I misunderstood the argument? You make an accusation but don't back it up. You think just because I bring race into it you can threaten me but that fact is what I'm saying is true

Jim more than 10 years ago


Segregation doesn't work. It didn't work in American schools with black and white kids and it won't work here with boys and girls. It's exactly the same

Jim, local dad more than 10 years ago

A balanced view

I have two boys, and could not have afforded a private education for either of them, but I'm very strongly in favour of choice. I've seen quite a few girls go through Dunottar and really thrive.
No-one is suggesting that we should segregate our children and keep them away from the opposite sex, just that when it comes to education, the right environment is crucial, and for some this might mean choosing a single-sex school.
I hope fervently that Dunottar will able to continue to be part of the educational variety which is on offer locally.

R. T. more than 10 years ago

Single sex schools

"I think that's true and I also think that is a good thing" really? Personally I'll be keeping my children's education as 'real' as possible. Co-Ed is the only logical choice: we aren't Victorians. Boys meet the girls - they exist. Girls - here are the boys. Simple. Not rocket science. The only way to prepare kids for the future is to surround them in it.

Sarah B more than 10 years ago

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