The 15 best international summer camps for teenagers

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Glad to see Ohana and Camp Adventure on here!

I grew up at The Aloha Camps (Ohana is a branch of this) and even now, as a 46 year old, I still think of it frequently -- it had a huge impact on my life. I now live in Germany and the closest I have found to it here is Camp Adventure, which is also on this list. My kids both only have had amazing experiences there.

Gretchen 96 days ago

Where is Artek?

In your list of the best summer camps there is no Russian Artek. Is this on purpose? This camp is really the best in the world with activities for all preferences for children and teenagers.

Alex more than 1 year ago


Thank you Alex, you made me laugh! Artek a ghost from the USSR

Not Alex more than 1 year ago


Artek is alive, have a lot of interesting activities and collect the smartest children from Russia.

Rose more than 1 year ago

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