Teenager dies after falling from Bentall Centre top floor

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He was one of my class mates and friends i never knew that his life would end like this.

LePatrin more than 9 years ago


i knew joon. on thursday 12 pm, lesson before lunch, he was acting unusual. really sad, i will miss you

sad more than 9 years ago


this is just awful, poor boy and poor family, my heart goes out to them.

MrsLizzyC more than 9 years ago


yeh Kay got in the way of my shopping

SJ more than 9 years ago


If you genuinely think that your shopping is more important than this young boy's life, I feel sorry for you, and I sincerely hope you have no children who may ever be affected by mental health issues if this is the attitude you take. I have serious doubts that a person contemplating suicide is thinking of how selfish their act may be, they're completely consumed by thoughts of nothing else but escape - your shopping trip for non-essentials is also undoubtedly completely inconsequential to them too. Perhaps the selfish ones are you, and Kay, who clearly can't seem to think of anything other than yourselves.

RS more than 9 years ago


i know family of him that go to my school!!! you can't just say sh!t like that. people were devastated and even my friend who didn't know him cried. if you care so much about shopping then go shopping in hell. and yeah it is quite selfish if he did jump but we're not sure what happened yet.

T A Cross more than 9 years ago


Really dont care what anyone says, this is too f-ing selfish for words

Kay more than 9 years ago

a child

A 15 year old boy in mental distress is selfish? you are SICK

yasmin more than 9 years ago


in an adult, yes this is can be sometimes seen as a selfish act, in an ADULT who knows the devastation they will leave behind ..... not in a teenage boy, who clearly felt so alone and was obviousley in need of someone to help him. I hope you have karma bite you on your arse one day and remember what a nasty selfsish coment you made. you know nothing about the kid or what his life was like .... would only take a rude person like you to bump into him when he is already feeling shit and make a nasty comment like those to have pushed him over the edge.... I reckon u r a selfish person, not him .....a child who clearly needed some help

saf more than 9 years ago

sad news

Sad news and such a public way for it to happen!

WO more than 9 years ago


awful news. So sad, people need someone to talk to or this happens. thoughtw with family. #speakout #stopthestigma

Tay more than 9 years ago


wtf some peeps so selfish

Jo more than 9 years ago


so sad. cant believe this happened. i wasnt there but live close. shocked

milly more than 9 years ago



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