Surrey Police send wanted criminal a hilarious Happy Birthday Message

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surrey roads police

there are more cracking posts from surrey roads police too!

Chris Nicholson more than 9 years ago


@SurreyPolice is typically well humoured, and surprisingly responsive to it. Wonder who runs it?

steve bryson more than 9 years ago


probably not hilarious for the gentleman concerned!

Francis L more than 9 years ago


That's made my night - hilarious!

A-Lister Photography more than 9 years ago

tee hee

tee hee. not sure how ethical this tweet is, doesn't it breach some kind of confidentiality? but it's hilarious nonetheless.

Lynn more than 9 years ago

no confidentiality

no confidentiality for a criminal!

Dave Worley more than 9 years ago


LOL LOL LOL classic gotta loooove Surrey Police

Tina more than 9 years ago


I saw it a couple of days ago and had a good laugh. Glad our local constabulary are taking their jobs seriously! #esher

sarah france more than 9 years ago


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