Surrey Cannabis Club hold 'Protestival' picnic

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Without a doubt cannabis should be legal! It has so many benefits to the world, for example the jobs it wud create, the oxygen it produces and the fact it is alot safer then alcohol, ive smoked for years now and the way i see it is if u cant handle drink dont drink, if u cant handle smoke dont smoke. everyone should know their limits and use abit of common sense :)

Lee more than 9 years ago

Legal Regulation or Black Market

Everyone, including me, complains that the current situation with drugs is bad, well there is only one thing to do.....
change the current system.
Educate, regulate, medicate.
Cannabis social clubs will be the social experiment that prove that the legal alternatives are far less dangerous than prohibition for individual users and society as a whole.

Almundoman more than 9 years ago

Regulate to destroy criminality

There's a great article in this months Esquire magazine about the enormous amount of success that is being seen in the USA where various states are starting to decriminalise it esp. in Denver where crime has decreased enormously and the tax is putting many millions into the local economy including clinics and schools!

John more than 9 years ago

legalise cannabis - regulate - educate - medicate!

Regulate Cannabis! The current model doesn"t work! Think we are giving money to criminal gangs when it could recirculate back into our economy. Drug dealers don't ask for ID & their products are not safe to use.

Shane.M more than 9 years ago

Wait, what?

weed picnic! whheeeeey

tooloolah more than 9 years ago

To be fair

To be fair it really is no worse than smoking, people just say it is out of blind deference to the fact it's illegal

Nigel more than 9 years ago

obviously no!

Oh yes, let's have borough wide distrubution of drugs in our lovely county, that's a GREAT idea

Lynn more than 9 years ago


have you actually done any research into the benefits of Cannabis before you swoop in to condemn it?

TruthTeller more than 9 years ago


lol, this guy's so high he thinks there's an orange in ignorance

Simone more than 9 years ago

Are you for real?

We all ready do on the black market.
Legalisation and regulation is what we need.

Ash more than 9 years ago

Anti drugs = pro regulation = pro legalisation

No one is saying "flood the county with drugs," what people are saying is that presently there is no control. What the UK Cannabis Social Clubs are trying to do is promote a model of self regulation for an existing market (yes believe it or not, drugs are already rife on your doorstep!). It means the current situation of zero control, gang-run operations and a multi million pound black market, cannabis production is regulated to a high standard - every plant assigned to a registered user who is a member of a private, non-profit organisation. It is already working across Europe. It is taking a responsibility for a problem that people like the commenter above and many parts of government simply choose to ignore completely.

SCCman more than 9 years ago


Lovely county it is, but I think the word 'drugs' has a bad connotation, because alcohol and cigarettes are a "legal" drug right?

Probably through too many Daily Mail "My son smoked a cannabis cigarette and how he's a heroin user" type stories is what distorts peoples perceptions and understandings.

I'm not a heavy smoker, perhaps once every few months, but I've grown up seeing the effects of both. I think the fact we still spend time on trying to prevent cannabis usage and not regulating it and taxing it is just ludicrous.

Try visiting a coffee shop late at night in Amsterdam vs a bar a busy club at the same time in the centre of your local town. You'll see the difference.

David more than 9 years ago


It seems blindingly obvious to me cannabis should be legalised. Like this guy says, it's far more dangerous if it's not regulated

Hannah more than 9 years ago


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