Locals ask Tesco to 'leave Bramley alone'

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some odd comments here

Some people seem to be a little confused below - there already is a large Tesco supermarket located near the hospital. Bramley residents are surely able to use this supermarket whenever they want to (whether its after 4pm on a sunday, or any other day/time its open). If they wish to purchase products at Tesco prices then they can. If they wish to use the local more independent stores in Bramley, they can. Why do they have to have a Tesco Express in the village as well? Why shouldn't they be allowed to use the current superstore? Why can't the 'affluent' residents and the less affluent residents all enjoy a 'high street' which has some degree of character and hasn't just turned into yet another Tesco parking area? [and whether or not Robertson choose to go is probably more to do with how many millions of pounds they would, quite understandably, accept from Tesco to vacate the premises or possibly a sign of current market conditions…rather than a result of the evil Bramley residents lacking in their support]

resident of bramley more than 9 years ago

Poor Old Robertsons Electrical

This company has been around for ever. If the people of Bramley supported their local electrical retailer who are competitive and off a service, rather than buy off the internet they would not be closing down, and making staff redundant. The people of Bramley deserve what they get, too late to save this established business who have always supported the local area.

Farmer J more than 9 years ago

Poor delusional Farmer J

They offered a poor service at inflated prices. If they were competitive, maybe they would still be around.

Farmer J is retarded more than 9 years ago

NO Tesco Express - YES M&S

Bramley does not need a Tesco Express, what we need is a Marks & Spencer Simply Food.
Cranleigh has one, so why can't we?

The Greengrocers lives in Leatherhead FFS more than 9 years ago

Great for competition

I totally support this application, as I feel the prices in Bramley are currently inflated. This will lower prices and offer better opening hours than the existing stores.
It's so easy to bash the UK's largest retailer, but they are big for a reason - they provide a service that is hard to beat. What people should be focusing on is the loss of Robertson's. This is progress people...

Local Bramley resident more than 9 years ago

aggressive competition

Tesco are not big because of the service they offer, but because of their aggressive business practices.Progress should enhance a village, not destroy what's there. Clearly you don't shop in Bramley. Tesco can offer nothing the existing convenience store doesn't already(except cheap milk that puts farmers out of business!) At the meeting tonight it was clear Tesco was disinterested in residents views and incapable of giving a straight answer. The potential traffic chaos alone should put people off.

julie fry more than 9 years ago

Are you serious?

Referring to the comment 'great
For completion' is a completely short sighted and optimistic interpretation of what can only be described as an insult on our local village character and certain death of independent, hardworking business that a local village community should support. If you want 'cheaper prices' and want your local high street to be represented by large corporate chains why are you living in a beautiful village and areas such as Bramley?

Mrs Rowland's more than 9 years ago

a wider debate

The above comment fails to acknowledge the large numbers of Bramley residents who have lived in the village for a generation or more, and who do not feel their needs are met by local stores. It is quaint to have a green-grocers and a butchers, but they do not offer the relative value of independent stores from times gone by. In Bramley's hey-day, there were a wide range of stores offering quality items for fair prices - serving local people who both lived and worked nearby. These days the independent stores are aimed at an affluent demographic, who may live in the village but are likely affluent retirees or professional commuters. Meanwhile, long-time residents who do not have disposable income are forced to shop at larger supermarkets to find better value. I do not believe that Tesco would poach customers from the independent stores, because clearly those stores have loyal fanbase - as demonstrated on this page. I believe Tesco seek to poach customers who currently struggle to find value at Nisa and Budgens. Essentials like nappies, baby wipes, loo roll, cleaning fluids, tin foil etc - there is room for competition on items such as these. Customers who want prime cuts of meet and a personal service will continue to be well served by the butcher, those of more modest means who need sausages for a mid-week meal may be better served by Tesco. I have a relative who lives in Lindfield, Sussex which has a wonderful high street. Locals were very distressed when Tesco moved in, but they continued to support the local butchers in droves - and years later, the butcher is still alive & kicking whilst Tesco continues to provide low-cost essentials to those who legitimately demand them.
The comment above closes by asking "why are you living in a beautiful village and areas such as Bramley?" - The short answer for a significant number of residents, is they daren't move away because house prices are so inflated across the area that by moving away they would cut all ties with the village they grew-up in and love. They are scared for their own children not being able to afford to live in the area. It is all well & good protesting how quaint & 'beautiful' Bramley is, but its a real place with real people, many of whom are of modest means and their needs are not met by the current high street offering.

Susan more than 9 years ago

ridiculous idea

I think it's ridiculous idea to put a mini supermarket next to a Nisa opposite a greengrocers and a butchers and a budgens. They are gonna swoop in and take what other people have built up for years. There is limited parking in bramley, the tesco plans will eliminate more parking. It will also mean when Nisa can't compete and go we will lose the post office. It's not about evolving this is a tiny village keep the independent stores otherwise every high street big or small will be exactly the same. If they come I will 100% be voting with my feet #stickittesco

Khloe more than 9 years ago


Bet they're happy for some other place to have shops they can drive to though! NIMBYs!
I bet they also don't want any extra housing, despite their children not having anywhere affordable locally to live!

Herbie Green more than 9 years ago

Tesco Bramley

The residents in Bramley are not NIBY's with regards to the proposed Tesco Express. There are four perfectly good shops in Bramley that serve our grocery/ bakery/ meat/ delicatessen / fruit and vegetable needs. It will also be sad to see the Robertsons electrical store be replaced by a Tesco Express - this shop has been in the village for over 75 years, and still serves the community well, despite the advent of Amazon. I hope that Roberstons resist the urge to close down and re-locate.

Alan more than 9 years ago


They can always vote with their feet? Though, those very feet will be tottering in doing their weekly shop in no time. #Nimby

Bear more than 9 years ago


Won't make a blind bit of difference IMHO, the only way to stop them is to stop using them. #shoplocal

The Stockyard more than 9 years ago


they'll all be in there after 4 on a Sunday when everywhere else is shut. #hypocrites

Adam L. more than 9 years ago

Who's the Hypocrite?

On the contrary, we already have that facility in the village. Please check your facts Adam.

Beth more than 9 years ago

Up yours Beth!

NISA is overpriced, their food hygiene rating is 3/5 (they don't even prepare food on site), produce is frequently off or rotten and still on shelves. Good riddance. Budgens could do with some competition.

Nisa Sucka more than 9 years ago

How can you say that?

You are breathtakingly ignorant. What kind of independent shop owner who's been working for years wants to go and accept a junior job in Tesco?

Liam more than 9 years ago

stop fussing

I'm a local and I think it's a great idea. Times are changing and our high street needs to evolve to keep up. Overall, jobs will be gained not lost because workers in independent shops who find themselves out of work will most likely be able to get a job at the new express store. Also, what about us locals who are bored of paying extortionate prices in stuffy independent shops? This is exactly what we need.

Brian more than 9 years ago


Do you realise that the prices in the Tesco Express are higher than in the Superstore - this was confirmed by the Tesco rep at the meeting on 9 October. Tesco cannot provide anything that is not already available in Bramley. 'Overall jobs will be gained' - if Tesco arrive and put the village shops out of business, jobs will be lost. Bramley is a Village, NOT a High Street!!

P of Bramley more than 9 years ago

High Street

It is a High Street, check the address if you don't believe me.

R.A. Robertson & Sons, High St, Bramley, Guildford, Surrey GU5 0HE

You're Dumb P of Bramley more than 9 years ago


Most Tesco Express stores have one or two assistants and a bank of self-service tills. Bored of paying extortionate prices? Why don't you do your shopping at Tesco.com?

Netty more than 9 years ago

not welcome everywhere

This has happened in quite a few places in recent years. They're clearly not welcome everywhere.....

Dutchy100 more than 9 years ago


I originally come from Oxford and along one main road their are 4 Tescos! it is a problem

Ministry of Petcare more than 9 years ago


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