'I can't rent in Surrey because I have a dog'

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pet friendly landlord

Yes, there should be more.... I too am trying to. Miveand struggling because of this issue... I'm hugely responsible and there would be no problems if someone would only give us the chance!
Its so hard!!

natalie more than 7 years ago


My dog doesn't 'stink the place up' because I care for him properly and he has never caused any damage (aside from the odd sock going missing). You have no experience with dogs and if you did, you would realise any 'problems' stem from bad owners.

Katie more than 4 years ago

Wrong article tagline

The tagline of this article says "Local Aimara Magaña on why Surrey's landlords need to be more dog-friendly" but it doesn't actually say why landlord need to be more dog-friendly. I'm not convinced. Dogs stink the place up and can also damage it.Dogs should not be kept at home, unless it's your own and you don't care.

Agata more than 10 years ago

While I'm sure OP is ...

While I'm sure OP is a responsible and caring dog owner, they seem to have adopted this dog without consulting the landlord first, essentially backing him into a corner. If they were so concerned for the dogs welfare they should have contacted the RSPCA or a local shelter and then made enquiries to their landlord about the possibility of adopting the dog. That way if the landlord said no, the dog still has a chance at a better life.

Having said that most of the properties (that dont cost a kidney) I've looked at are in such a state anyway I cant see how much worse a dog could make it!

Hair is also a big problem with all pets - if a future tenant has an allergy there's no way to get all that hair out, it gets everywhere. Also fleas are always a possibility especially for dogs who are running around outside. A £200 pet deposit is not going to cover that kind of long term damage. Not to mention laminate flooring (as is so popular in rented places) getting scratched.

I always think its mad that landlords allow fish, imagine a 200l tank leaking in the house vs a dog that most people would confine to a small area anyway!

Elsa more than 10 years ago


If dog owners are happy to pay for every scratch to be removed then I'm sure landlords would be fine with having dogs. I'm sure dog owners would call it wear and tear tho...its not. its owning a dog...

woof more than 10 years ago

A Gap in the Market

I have a property I rent out (unfortunately not in Surrey) and I actively market it to dog owners as I know its extremely hard to find somewhere to rent that allows dogs. I do think there is a massive gap here and a property developer really could take this on as an initiative to cater for us dog lovers. I wish you well in your search.

Gill more than 10 years ago

Why are kids allowed and dogs not?

From experience, children cause far more damage to a property than dogs. My dog (I rent) has never caused any damage to the property, but my friends with children have lost large sums of their deposit due to their children's actions.
Thankfully my landlord is fine with my dog as I made sure to introduce them upon viewing the property and he saw he was well trained. However, he could have said no to my dog. But, if I was to fall pregnant he can not kick me out but if I got another puppy, he could. Which I don't think if fair at all.

Katie more than 4 years ago

Their rights!

landlords make the rules, their property, their rights you want animals find an animal friendly landlord #simple taxi drivers don't allow food in their cars (their lively hood their right the car that costs them money) same with landlords and animals property costs a lot. I wonder how many people would change their mind if they became a landlord?

Gary more than 10 years ago

Landlords should be more dog friendly.

I would move before givong yje dpg away.

Sally Borman more than 10 years ago

Agreed, there needs to be a change

Yes Lucy, you tell them! Its just a dog, an animal of course...Makes you think who the animal is here...
It is because people like you that so many animals are abused, killed or on the brink of extinction. But wait, they are 'just animals', they don't matter! I'll let you into a little secret, they are in these kind of situations because 'us humans' create those situations. We ultimately are the ones that control what happens in this planet. The same way that there are people dying in other sides of the world, it is 'us humans' who made that happen. Animals, unfortunately, don't have the power to decide what happens to them, we do. Why should you tell anyone to 'get a grip' because they are trying to fight something that is wrong? Why should people that are trying to make a difference here should go to the other side of the world to fight for change? They are already doing it here! This policies are not right, and affect a lot of people here in the UK. You are probably not one of them so you don't know what its like. These people are trying to do something bigger here, and that's why they are reaching out and puting out in the open. They don't have a home, its not their home, and that's precisely why they are being forced by yet another human into a act of cruelty. It is a landlord's market, a rich people's market, and the laws and policies reinforce that and not only for pet owners-what about people on benefits for example? Or are they unimportant for you too? Are you already hands on, fighting for change in the other side of the world? Or doing anything to make a difference at all? Doesn't sound like it, so I would think twice before offering your short sighted opinion in public again. I believe that any act that is directed towards making this a better country, a better world, is important because it makes a difference, however minuscule and insignificant it may seem to you, and that is what matters in the end.

Will Jones more than 10 years ago

Bigotted much?

Will, seriously, your comment cannot go unanswered. Firstly, saying that landlords have every right not to want dogs in theri home is not tantamount to "abusing, killing or bringing them to the brink of extinction" (didn't know that was a problem for dogs). Landlords are in most cases not "rich people", a lot of them need the rent to cover the mortgage and are hoping to realise a little capital when they come to sell the property. It's a job, just like any other. One might argue that the people creating the situation are the ones who take on a pet and then find themselves with nowhere to live with it, not the landlords, who did not choose to get a pet, who don't want one in their property. Perhaps I should get a tiger and insist that I keep it in your home.

It is not 'wrong' that a landlord doesn't want a dog in their house - it is their house to do with as they please. It IS wrong for so called animal lovers to insist that a landlord should allow a pet in their home, despite the extra costs, potential damage and smell this often leads to.

I don't see what this has to do with people on benefits, many of whom have rented homes in the private sector paid for them by the government because there isn't enough social housing, but that is an entirely different debate, as is 'fighting for people on the other side of the world (just how is this in any way relevant to landlord's versus dogs in the uk? Straw man argument). As you say, we're talking about dogs, not people.

Your final parting shot shows a very underdeveloped attitude. You accuse someone of something they have not said, then attack them for it! You have no idea what Lucy does or does not do, you have just taken her opinion on one topic and decided she is a "bad person" and lambasted her for it. Sure, you have a right to disagree with her stance on the pet issue, but you really can't assume from that she does nothing worthwhile. She could be a MSF surgeon for all you know.

For what it's worth, although I am sure no one is interested after your rant, you never actually gave either an opinion nor a solution to the point in question.

Nick more than 10 years ago


I'm sure it's awkward but I do understand why landlords as a whole are less than keen on pets

rogermerriman more than 10 years ago


What? Seriously? It's just a dog. There are people dying on the other side of the world. So you can't have your dog in your house. Big deal. Some people don't even have houses. Why don't you take your head out of your own minuscule problem for just a second and find some perspective. Get a grip.

Lucy more than 10 years ago


Oh my gawd. All of u just need to get off your moral high horses and pull yourself together. I agree with Lucy. Just a dog

Tim Cole more than 10 years ago


Here's an idea Tim. You should maybe move to Denmark. Plenty of fun for you and likeminded people there. And whilst you are at it, take Lucy with you.

Tom O'Donnell more than 10 years ago

it's just a dog?

Never trust someone who doesn't love dogs I say! Our dog is a huge part of our family, and we'd never in a million years give him up. Yes we're lucky, but what we 2lose in freedom and money we gain in fun and love.

Lucy 2 more than 10 years ago


We have 3 dogs and fortunately found a landlord who is a dog owner herself. We had great difficulty finding one though. We are prepared to replace or repair any damage our dogs cause. I wish you luck.

Diane Mcgann more than 10 years ago

MOST people consider pets FAMILY

Bless you for doing the absolutely RIGHT thing, working to keep Louie with your family! Too many just dump pets in pounds without another thought. Rescues are overwhelmed, unable to save them all. I see a comment "dogs damage property & furniture" So do children. Aimara says she has offered more for pet deposit.

Tiffany Jones more than 10 years ago

Dogs and cats

We lived in Spain for 13 yrs and have 4 cats and 3 dogs. We found a 3 bed house to rent in Chessington. The owners had cats of their own and were happy for us to bring our animals. They return to the UK in March and we have been lucky enough to find another house where the owner is ok with pets. The house we are in now has just been refurbished. We paid an extra months deposit cos of thse moggies and doggies. Both houses were unfurnished. We found them both through Compass Properties, a local estate agent -I would definately recommend them.

Sue Callinan more than 10 years ago


we rent and have 2 dogs... On both occasions we've been lucky... But the properties haven't been upto much..

Alison Moore more than 10 years ago

I did pay

I paid an extra £1000 for my dog, totally worth it and I would do it again

Katie more than 4 years ago


No ! It's their property, dogs damage property and make more difficult to rent in future. How much extra would you pay ?

Chalet les Loups more than 10 years ago


A pet deposit is something that exists, is not something that was invented for the purposes of this article. It covers the costs of things like damage to the carpet, or furniture in case the place was offered furnished, which is not the case here. It also covers costs of professional cleaning after the tenant has moved out. It is a reasonable amount that is negotiated between landlord and tenant and is usually added as a clause to the contract. Anyway, if the dog is trained, gets plenty of exercise and is owned by responsible owners, the probability of any damage occurring to the property is minimal - still, if that happens, that's what the extra money is for, so that the landlord doesn't have to incur in additional expenses.

Aimara more than 10 years ago

national problem

Sadly the no dogs problem is National, not just in Surrey, and due to a lack of rental properties. A Landlords Market.

Whoozthatgirl more than 10 years ago

It is a national problem

Apparently there is more to it. Things like the lease of the properties not allowing pets, together with the insurance companies and their policies make it even more difficult. Add to that estate agents that seem to only care about the landlord's side, and you have the perfect cocktail for discrimination.

Francis more than 10 years ago



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