Guildford MP Anne MiIlton visits Gosden House School

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Gosden House School

Since my daughter has attended Gosden House, she has changed quite a lot, from being an introvert to extrovert, teaching her life skills and how to adapt to life as an adult. Not only are the children taught academic subjects but how to look after themselves and others. This school is outstanding , one of a kind and to think of changing this I believe will be a great loss to the education system not only in Surrey but the whole country. To think of putting these children into mainstream schools even with one to one help does not work now so why do the education board think it will work in the future. The teachers and other staff at the school are exceptional both in their understanding of the childrens complex needs to caring for their emotional needs as well. Children that attend this school all leave with a more positive attitude to the world in general and most go on to lead fulfillinf lives. Not only does Gosden House need to be saved but others should be developed along the same lines. Long Live Gosden House School.

Lynn Bodsworth more than 10 years ago

Gosden House School

My daughter has attended this unique school for the last 4 years and she has really flourished in this time. She is a confident child and her personality has been encouraged whlilst at Gosden however if she was placed in another enviroment we would be very worried that this would be squashed. When you have learning difficultes the tiny little successes are encouraged & celebrated. Gosden meets her every need. Her education is going to be challenging so to remove this school would be devastating. The ethos of this school is fantastic and you can see this everyday.

Simone Brinkworth more than 10 years ago

Gosden- a VERY special school

My child needs the specialist care that only Gosden offers. She is in year 7 and has struggled in mainstream with a 1:1 helper until year 6.
When other children were learning about canals and industry she was colouring in a squiggly line and sticking on pictures of ducks! That is just not good enough. At Gosden she has learnt so much, everything about her has changed and blossomed.
At Gosden she has the chance to be in a girls only senior school where there is very carefully though out help and support with all the issues adolescence and puberty brings. She is learning skills for coping in the real world alongside academics. Now imagine that need within a mainstream school or with autistic boys in the mix, it hasn't worked before, why will it be ok now?
Gosden needs to be kept as it is, ofsted think it's outstanding, we parents think its incredible, our children love it! Please help us preserve this very special school.

Petrina Foster more than 10 years ago

Gosden House School

Gosden House School is such a wonderful unique special needs school. My daughter has attended since September 2013, the little changes in her are truly amazing. She has complex needs and Gosden meet her needs in every way possible. It is such an important place for our daughter Lily-Rose. For the first time she has friends and is not judged by her peers. The school has a very strong family feel. My husband and I recently praised the school in our daughter's annual review at just how fantastic they were. The senior girls of the school in particular having a very caring and understanding way with the younger children of the school. Lily-Rose has already built relationships with older pupils on her transport bus, and as girls are in the minority of children with SEN this is of the upmost importance. To take this away would be truly devasting. A child like Lily-Rose cannot simply survive in a main stream school or a specialist unit. For many parents it is a constant up hill battle which never ends, just knowing that your child has the right provision is key. Gosden House School must be saved.

Rowena J Moore more than 10 years ago


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