Green Belt land Three Farms Meadows under threat

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Not just for dog walkers!

Some of the comments on here seem to have been made with absolutely no idea of the area concerned. The area around the old Wisley airfield site including Wisley and Ockham Commons, are places that are unique in having a very wide range of insects, mammals, etc. Even if the old airfield site isn't included in this its proximity to the nature areas should immediately exclude it from this sort of development. For the record I am not a resident in this area.

Graham more than 9 years ago

stunning, shame

this area could not be more stunning as it is, and these plans are a tragedy

Tiia more than 9 years ago

will NOT be housing for all!

No matter what the promises are, these will not be homes for all! They will be big executive homes with possibly a token block of 'affordable' housing flats which will disappear out of the Housing Association chain before you know it. Developers are NOT required to provide affordable housing - if they say it will make their development financially unviable they will get let off the hook. This is prime Surrey real estate, get real if you think it will be a mixed income Utopia.

C Poole more than 9 years ago

get over it

correct me if im wrong, but i believe providing homes for all is more important than you all having somewhere pretty to walk your dogs

Katie Hopkins more than 9 years ago

need homes

We need homes for today and tomorrows families. Not enough brown field sites. Sorry but boomer nimbys need to get over it

Nick Fulford more than 9 years ago

open your eyes

your all hopeless idealists. look around you. there's a housing crisis going on. and your wining about fields? get a grip

Tim more than 9 years ago

already developed

The area is already very well developed imho. But is it farmers selling to get more money than wd get from farming?

Laura Marcus more than 9 years ago


All these brown field sites they can use, but no, let's destroy some more countryside.

Winston Thomas more than 9 years ago

Of course we are furious.

Of course we are furious. Guildford Tories are enemies of the countryside. Tories now split - fearful of election wipeout

Michael Bruton more than 9 years ago

Local views ignored by Council

Guildford Borough Council simply isn't listening. The charade they call a consultation process for the draft Local Plan invites us all to comment but it is quite clear that GBC ignores our input. They even ignore the comments of leading counsel and forge ahead with a flawed proposal for reasons which remain unclear but which must be of concern to us all.

Tony Edwards more than 9 years ago

Support for the Green Belt is about principles not money

The clearly intended innuendo of the Adam Smith Institute is that support for the Green Belt is confined to people who own their own homes inside the Green Belt.
This is wrong on many counts.

1) Support for the Green Belt is hardly confined to people who own property inside it. Many come to the Green Belt from urban areas to enjoy the countryside- as originally intended
2) On balance most property owners in the Green Belt might be financially much better off if the designation was abolished. To say that most home owners in the Green Belt are against building because it would negatively affect the value of their homes is a travesty. In fact the reverse applies. The property rights of home owners inside the Green Belt have been legally restricted for five decades by Green Belt designation. They cannot enlarge their houses much if at all and they cannot build on their gardens if it affects the ‘openness of the Green Belt’. If Green Belt restrictions were removed completely most home owners in the Green Belt would make a packet selling off bits of land – gardens or garages or just selling out to a property developer.
3) Most people who live in the Green Belt have broader concerns than just the value of their houses. The Adam Smith Institute may be peopled with economic automatons whose only motive is money but people beyond its walls actually find it more heartlifting to look at the beauty of nature than to admire a pile of banknotes.

Ben Paton more than 9 years ago

green belt

well said Ben Paton

kate compson more than 9 years ago

VAWNT - Villages Against Wisley New Town

They are at it again, this time in the guise of Taylor Wimpey trying to dump over 2100 houses here. Object by 3rd October 2022. Same proposed development, same issues! Sign up to mailing list here:

Vawnt Wisley more than 1 year ago


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