Driver in Staines deliberately hits cyclist

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It's Tough If Cyclists Slow Down ...

As as cyclist, (and driver), I try to consider all road users. Each makes their own progress. I find it totally arrogant when I read of car drivers feeling 'irritated' over cyclists. Drivers irritate me! Spewing out fumes in their noisy diesels, accelerating hard around me .... often, I think, making unnecessary journeys. Horses slow me down, so do hikers, drivers across my path attempting enter the road, roadworks, wildlife (deer, ducks, pheasants). I don't swear at them, get cross, run them over! I remember the 'oath' I took when I showed the driving examiner that I was fit to pass my test.Drivers who 'hate' cyclists .... if your wife, son, daughter, grandson, granddaughter on bicycles, or pet dog or cat slowed ME down as a driver, wouldn't you expect me to show consideration? Would you like one of those belonging to you to be callously injured or killed .... because I selfishly thought I had some kind of imagined priority? The saying is: 'What goes around, comes around'. Meaning, you will reap what you sow .... and I hope it is not a bereavement. Think on ..... or hand your licence in. You were trusted when you were granted one.

Russell G more than 9 years ago

i get grief

I get grief almost every ride, whether I'm commuting or training, on my own or in a group, It makes no difference

Roberto Corbari more than 9 years ago


yesterday i had a car come next to me and tell me to get off the f****** road and to ride the path. Speedo was reading 19mph not a smart idea to be on a path at that speed

Karl Robertson more than 9 years ago


outraged but not surprised. There are some angry, irrational idiots out there and most of them hate cyclists.

Roberto Corbari more than 9 years ago

British Culture

that's British culture for you. How you managed to produce world champions I well never know. They clearly realise that cycling on the continent or on a track is far safer than cycling in their own country.

George more than 9 years ago


as a driver, i find cyclists highly irritating. however, i would never condone this kind of behaviour. the way forward is discussion, not aggression

Tom Lake more than 9 years ago

social skills?

yes tom, this is definitely the right time to announce that you find cyclists irritating

Tina more than 9 years ago

tw@ts called Tom

As a cyclist and driver I generally find people called Tom Lake talk nothing but irrational nonsense and have very bad grammar!

Tim Lake more than 9 years ago

Tina and Tim, hush!

Don't jump on someone's head just because they are honest enough to tell you how they feel. If you read the second sentence before rageposting you'd see that he's advocating communication and Not Being A Dick. Like you two just were.

Steve more than 9 years ago

Well done

In case my comment to Tina and Tim was moderated for being offensive (I would call it... robust...) I wanted to put a separate comment here to thank Tom for being open about how he feels, and for suggesting that we all act a bit more grown up and a bit less homicidal. I'm a driver, cyclist and pedestrian and in urban and rural roads I make space for all road users from tractors to cows to motorcyclists bezzing about the countryside. Different vehicles each come with their own set of appropriate behavior, and not crashing into others has to be foremost for all.

Steve Carter more than 9 years ago


im beyond words

Sue more than 9 years ago

as a cyclist

I get the feeling as a cyclist that cars hate us. Doesn't happen on the continent. Huge amount of lowlife in this country.

Phil Todd more than 9 years ago


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