Don't Tell the Bride search for Surrey couples

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Find me a man and I'll do it!

I don't have a guy but if you find me one, I'll participate!

Renou more than 10 years ago

two of my close friends

two of my close friend's are desperate to get married. They keep planning it but something always comes up and they have to put the wedding on hold. They have 3 beautiful children and have had a challenging relationship but destined to be together and all the ups and downs just make them stronger!! As their chief bridesmaid I want to see them married as much as they do. please help Adrian and Kerrie from Bordon, Hampshire. Thanks, Lou :)

Lou Reed more than 10 years ago

Don't do it!

Don't so it! My best friend was the under water wedding. soooooo stressful and not what you expect. not just the bride who doesn't get a say. Production team cause so much added stress because they want to make "good tv" that things over ran, people missed the first dance because they were being filmed. It takes all the romance and fun out of the day.
I urge you to thonk veey carefully before agreeing to anything.

Est more than 10 years ago

Wot did they expect?

The production team paid for the wedding to make a tv program. Did they expect to have it all their own way and let the tv crew hope they got some good footage?!

Esdece more than 10 years ago

my daughter

My daughter and her fiancé dream of getting married but just cant afford to after using their saving to pay bills etc when my daughter had to haveva major operation and time of work mesns their savings have gone.
Please help their dream of getting married come true x

sharon... more than 10 years ago

Don't do it!

I have had experience of this show and would not recommend it x

Est more than 10 years ago


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