Cyclist dies in Burpham after late night collision

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horrid news

horrid news, my thoughts and prayers are with his family. For all cyclists, please take extra caution

John Davies more than 9 years ago


Oh no, that's terrible! more than 9 years ago

Need new laws

Cyclists should have to pass a test to be able to go on the roads and have a license like drivers, then this wouldn't happen

Todd more than 9 years ago

Need new laws

I'd agree that we need new laws, but are you crazy blaming the cyclist with absolutely no knowledge of the facts? Should pedestrians need a license to cross the road? Three people are dead - show some class

Annabel more than 9 years ago

Need new laws? Really?

Motorists take a test and get a license but some of them still drive like idiots. Why would giving cyclists a test and a license make them all good cyclists? The difference is that motorists have several hundred horsepower available under their big toe and are cocooned in hard shells. Cyclists said no protection and rather less than one horsepower beneath their feet.

Steve more than 9 years ago

Sadly, it doesn't surprise me

Sadly, it doesn't surprise me, so many cyclists & drivers are dangerous. Nearly get mowed over by both on my bike each day.

The Gin Blog more than 9 years ago


you're right Karl but it shouldn't be. That's 3 too many :(

Divyesh Ruparelia more than 9 years ago


is all down to numbers, warm weather more cyclist out, ditto folk drowning in the sea and lakes/rivers

Karl James more than 9 years ago


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