Compulsory 'booze bracelets' for drunks

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How about a warning placard for smokers to wear on their chest? Seems equally as useful...

PortuGeezer more than 9 years ago

Whatever next

Whatever next? compulsory long nose prosthetics for compulsive liars?

Roger Kent more than 9 years ago


So will they be fitting those to a majority of MP's who use the 20 bars in the Place of Westminster?

gzunder more than 9 years ago

good plan

Fantastic idea. Binge drinkers are a plague on society and if they can;t act like grown ups then they deserve to be monitored and treated like children

TJ more than 9 years ago


surely this scheme infringes on basic human rights in some way?

Shane more than 9 years ago


Can you imagine what would happen if they made MP's wear these things?

Paul Treloar more than 9 years ago



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