BBC World Have Your Say: our Online Editor talks about Peaches Geldof

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over the top

I do think some people go over the top on 'grieving' for others that they don't know. Express condolences by all means or express your surprise or shock on hearing about a celebrity's death, anything else is crass

Andre more than 9 years ago


You're all horrible cynics (apart from rivahQ and TillyK). Of course you can care deeply about someone you never met and be moved when they die. That's how 21st century culture existsss duh

Lucy more than 9 years ago


Interesting. She was in the public eye and people may wish to express sympathy but perhaps in a rather more dignified manner?

JC more than 9 years ago

it's private

Those that didn't know her don't need to offer condolences and those that did should offer theirs direct to her family.

Elaine Wharton more than 9 years ago


I disagree - it was a tragedy and only human that people expressed their grief online. Quite frankly I think it's a good thing - it shows that the world is a lot more compassionate than I used to think.

TillyK more than 9 years ago

death is private

the response to her death is completely over the top and inappropriate. we should learn to mind our own business and pay respecrt to her family

Sean more than 9 years ago

re: death is private

obviously Peaches Geldof had thousands- millions of followers in social media and shared with the public her veiws and joy in life through various social networks as to why so many people are showing public support it is because she touched them enhanced and entertained in way making better of living just another ordinary life she bought joy to many and this is just a gesture of appreciation the public has. So Sean maybe you need not only open your mind but your heart aswell
you should show respect and not be such a negative nancy about a already very sensitive sorrowful day.

rivahQ more than 9 years ago


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