A million-pound yacht crashes into Richmond Bridge

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manipulative article.. nothing more.

I think the only question is how in the world the accident even happened to begin with. It seems obvious the article was edited and published to incite envy against the wealthy, and yes.. 99.9% of the world's people can not afford a boat like that.. but how in the world did the accident even happen? Tides and currents will not toss a £1m power boat into a bridge. That the writers failed to perform diligence to ascertain the causal factors are the clear indicators that the only purpose of the article is to manipulate people into ridiculing and envying whomever is wealthy enough to own such a "Gin Palace".

B Grant more than 10 years ago

Envious & evil-hearted people

People are happy because someone crashed his/her yacht into a bridge!? - most humans are envious & evil-hearted anyway.

Akoms more than 10 years ago

richmond bridge

we watched from the hill while we enjoyed our ice creams!

Kelly more than 10 years ago

Bridge crash

Serves him right for having such an expensive boat

Pete more than 10 years ago

Bridge crash

Jealousy is such an ugly thing, it really is. Good luck to them if they can can afford a yacht worth £1 million. They know how to enjoy themselves, would love to live a lifestyle such as theirs! They obviously aren't short of money so the yacht will be fixed and they will be back on the water in no time whilst those that were jeering & laughing will once again be on the sidelines watching with envy. How sad to be that bitter. I couldn't even afford a holiday on a yacht let alone own one but I wouldn't laugh or snigger at someone's misfortune whether they had money or not.

Me more than 10 years ago


How utterly immature to be so envious. All wealth is relative and to those in the third world being able to sit and drink on the banks of the Thames at Richmond would only be a dream. Envy and bitterness is a nasty trait, they and aspire to better yourself.

Sarah more than 10 years ago


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