Wheelchair Fashion

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Saved me!

Thank you so much. Will gladly receive any more advise you have. Being new to a chair, I was about to make the mistake of keeping only long skirts and giving away my pencil (was afraid I would flash). I am proud of you, woman-to-woman, and I thank you.

Ruthie more than 7 years ago

Our daughter

I am proud.

Arvind BAHL more than 8 years ago

Divya : You rock!!!

Dear Divya...
I am a batch-mate of your Dad in Pilani ....
First and foremost , I want to compliment you for your great attitude and courage . The biggest disability of most people is not physical ...but mental ....and you seem to have overcome that .
Secondly , you write very well....So continue the journey that you have started . I am probably able to relate to this better because I too have a 19 year old daughter who writes a blog ....maybe you could connect with her ...I don't recall her blog name but I will ask her to get in touch with you.
Keep smiling ....you have made your parents proud.!!

Anil Bahl more than 8 years ago

Its Divya!

This made me smile, i can imagine you saying some those things and you made me laugh, keep it up - I'm a fan :D

Cameron 'gorgeous' Heckstall-Smith more than 8 years ago

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