Living with a Disability: The Pee Equation

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Thank you!

New to my wheelchair and living w/peripheral nerve damage from chemo. I've been working on figuring this out. Thank you so much for guidelines. You are gold. I appreciate you being willing to throw yourself out here and help the rest of us! A woman to be proud of you are!

Ruthie more than 8 years ago

Well summed up....

Bery well written - a serious matter with athe right touch of humor and wit. Hope to see more of your writings !

Sanjay more than 8 years ago

...and on a longer night out... forgot to mention that you need to take 20% off that time for the second drink, 40% for the third, and so on...

Helen more than 8 years ago

Pee maths

Interesting observation divya!

Rajiv Sachdeva more than 8 years ago

Pee maths

Great insight

Arvind bahl more than 8 years ago

maths and fun journeys

First time something relating to maths sounded interesting , keep it up ,I am glad
thet you relealise that the trips , the outings ,episodes the journeys are more of a fun than the destination itself , enjoy it and share it its been great to read about your thoughts and experiences

praveen deva more than 8 years ago

Pee Equation

While it sounds funny and is a good read, I can imagine how important this is to Divya. I am impressed that she had observed and made these rules that help her get around more often.

Viren more than 8 years ago


Never could have thought of it. Loved the "Pee Math" Keep it up.

Suman more than 8 years ago

The Pee Equation

Great column

Miri more than 8 years ago

pee maths

what about beer??

linda more than 8 years ago


Sorry, didn't include beer because I don't drink it.

Divya more than 8 years ago

The Pee-Equation

Learn't something new about which drinks require one to hang out near the rest-rooms. Entertaining.

saila more than 8 years ago


loved it! so fun and interesting, something noone thinks about

swarrnima more than 8 years ago

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