Reality TV show Surrey Hills team announced

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..... Enough said

Bobby Davro more than 8 years ago


JessyK how can you know it makes you sick when you haven't even watched it or given it a chance. You are the worst kind of ignorant. And sad resident if they want to be on a reality show let them. They're just trying to have a career.

Luna Basque more than 8 years ago

A reflection of real life...

... This is not going to be an accurate portrayal, for a start none of the "characters" are actually from anywhere inside the surrey hills!!!! Utterly preposterous and just another way for those in television land to cash in on the reality tv bandwagon. So very American of them :-(

Sad resident more than 8 years ago


I hate this show. I have and will never watch an episode of this show. It degrades our lovely county and makes me sick.

JessyK more than 8 years ago

Oh Yuck!

Oh Yuck! That's really gona bring Surrey down :( however, it's a kind of good idea, if shown in a true life way

Louise more than 8 years ago

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