Otters return to Surrey!

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They are killers , kill loads of carp , just for fun , they all should be shot .

dan more than 9 years ago

great news

that is great news! Hope to spot them on a walk soon

Natasha more than 9 years ago

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Dear Sir,

I'm writing to you as both a keen angler and someone who continues to marvel at the wonders of our natural world. I've just finished reading the article published in The Guildford Magazine and that is also available on your website.

Firstly, I wanted to say this is an interesting article regarding the PhD students work, the Wildsense Project, and I can't wait to see how this progresses and look forward to downloading the app.

However, your reporter has not provided a balanced view of the current situation regarding the reintroduction of otters to the countryside and all the effects this is having.

Otters previously existed in a world where their natural prey - eels - were abundant, and commercial coarse and game fisheries didn't exist on the scale they do today.

The reintroduction was not well thought out and many fisheries across the country are suffering as a result. No eels to eat = something else has to be eaten.

The livelihood of those running commercial fisheries has been hit as a result with no protection and no compensation. I've seen first hand the damage an otter can do on the River Stour and it's rather scary.

I think it would be in your readers’ interest to redress the balance of the article with the views of The Predator Action Group who are trying hard to put forward the other side of the coin.

They are not some crazed bunch of otter killers but have very real concerns for a sport and environment they care passionately about.

Please take the time to speak with them and follow up the article with their views as well.

I have also sent this email to them in the hope that a more balanced view of the situation can be published.

Adrian Orchard, Shalford

Adrian Orchard more than 9 years ago

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