The life and times of Carlton Kirby

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Im sure Kirby is a perfectly nice bloke but your husband and his friends are terribly misinformed and it's a shame that you have been dragged into their delusion. KIrby is a very very poor commentator and Eurosport are now letting him commentate on motorsport as well, something he knows less about that cycling. He now destorys their coverage of the Le Mans 24hrs with his unique brand of inane and uninformed drivel. How many times will we hear him assert some utter rubbish about a bike race or the riders only to have Sean Kelly gently say "well um, actually no.." I can ony assume Sean Kelly has to share the commentary box with him due to losing a bet. Kelly must be crying into his 4 green jerseys after every broadcast.

Victor Princey more than 1 year ago

Carlton Kirby

Thankfully this inane egoist is one of the LEAST KNOWN commentators in Cycling. He is truly rubbish and perfect for US TV at 4am when nobody is listening.

David Duffield more than 2 years ago


When are you going to get someone who speaks "English" as your sidekick.
He maybe ok if he spoke through his mouth instead of his nose.

Ed Hayley more than 3 years ago

Sean Kelly

I agree. Sounds like Sean has a potato in the side of his mouth.

Ian Fox more than 2 years ago


When ever 2 riders look at each other never a discussion, always an argument, he could start wars

Tony West more than 3 years ago


Well I did say he would push his way back in, all the usual rubbish sayings, obviously a retired rain dancer, Yes said about damp when completely dry, complete TOSSER

Tony West more than 3 years ago

A national treasure

Carlton is to cycling what Wogan was to Eurovision. I love to watch cycling but he elevates it to another level .

Andy Baggott more than 3 years ago


Your husband obviously knows very little about cycling because Carlton Kirby is the worst Cycling commentator i have heard in 21 years of absolute Cycling obsession.
He shouts into the Mic and gets all worked up at all the wrong times and makes definitive statements which are proven incorrect more often than not. This is down to the fact hat he really doesn't know the actual act of cycling very well at all and cant read a race, as he has never raced himself.

Craig de la Rey more than 4 years ago

Liup smacking

It is his constant smacking of the lips which really grates. Almost unbearably annoying!

Bill Hedley more than 4 years ago

I disagree

I think Carlton is a great commentator- very knowledgeable and his double act with ex pros Sean Kelly or Brian Smith work great...

Ricci more than 3 years ago


I have been watching cycling for over 40 years and Carlton Kirby along with Phil Ligget are the best two Cycling commentators there has ever been . The only people who don't like Carlton are those sour puss , dour , unfriendly , miserable by nature types. Who cares what they think ? They are in the small minority.

Mick more than 2 years ago

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