Harassed Harriet: National Offer Day

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offer day

Parents are both key workers living on the edge of Horsley - that's how we treat the kids of our key workers these days! Instead of preparing for secondary they will spend summer appealing :-(

The Stockyard more than 9 years ago


One of my customers is a key worker, married to a key worker. Child must go to Guildford to school - no choice. Madness.

The Stockyard more than 9 years ago


didn't get first or second choice but a school miles away that can't even get to,hope you had better luck

Jane more than 9 years ago


My daughter got her school of choice! So pleased for her. She worked so hard and really deserves this

Jane K more than 9 years ago

National offer day

I am one of them. Will be the longest day until we know. Everything crossed for 1st choice!

Nicola W more than 9 years ago

Fed up

This system isa national disgrace

Sue porter more than 9 years ago

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