Harassed Harriet: Doggy Dilema

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Not a waste!

I had a horrendous dog phobia from an early age and it made my life hell walking back and forth to school alone (from the age of 5...back in the late 50`s) and I still avoid dogs at all times at age 60 so no it's not a waste of money if it has a chance of success.

Jill S more than 8 years ago


waste of money. Parents should be able to identify potentially dangerous dogs and keep child away.

JC more than 8 years ago


But how do you prevent a dog (that is off the lead) from bounding up to your child in the park?

Harassed Harriet more than 8 years ago

La Ronde

Nice article, but David knows it's you who has the problem, and daughter knows she has to act out the dog phobia to avoid the piano, and you know it's costing money and there's no solution in sight, other than relying on David....

Margaret Jervis more than 8 years ago

catch it early

Great idea! If the phobia isn't dealt with early, it will continue Into adulthood & living a life of fear isn't living. 1/2 can be torture for a phobia sufferer. So, seeing as dogs are a big part of society, I'd say a strong yes to therapy.

Loving Angel more than 8 years ago

good idea

good idea if your the therapist.

Jimmy Bob White more than 8 years ago


She should keep her money in her pocket ,my daughter s phobia was birds she grew out of it

DollybagLondon more than 8 years ago


How old was your daughter when she finally grew out of her phobia?

Harassed Harriet more than 8 years ago


Depends upon the severity and disruptiveness of the phobia.

ConsumerRightsV more than 8 years ago


Dogs are mans best friend so total good idea but in my opinion, waste of cash!

Nomsisi Mukupo more than 8 years ago

Cat phobia

I think it is a great idea I could do with a therapy as I got a cat phobia :-)

Birsel McCaleb more than 8 years ago

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