Fiona Adams

Forty years ago a blind tasting changed the wine world forever, inspiring oenophile and future founder of Classic FM Sir Peter Michael to buy himself a vineyard. Fiona Adams investigates more

21 Mar 2016 16:20 Food

Imelda Staunton in Edward Albee's Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? Credit Johan Persson.jpg.jpg

Johan Persson

5 STARS, Apr 12 – May 17. An emotional portrayal of life, love and bitter disappointment, James Macdonald's production of Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf is a riveting masterpiece, says Fiona Adams more

12 Apr 2017 12:38 Theatre/Arts


Fiona Adams on her favourite things in Teddington more

31 Mar 2017 17:01

JML PBS Mothers Day Floral Box - 2017 copy.jpg

Paula Beetlestone

Now that spring has officially sprung, it’s time to embrace all things floral. And there’s some blooming marvellous things out there, says Fiona Adams more

27 Mar 2017 17:17 Health/beauty

Our Editors pick the best theatre going on over April across Surrey, SW London and Berkshire more

22 Mar 2017 16:20 , , , , Theatre/Arts

4 STARS, March 18-25. Equally suitable for kids and adults alike, Shakespeare Up Close's production of Twelfth Night is a streamlined, fast-paced romp through one of The Bard's most popular romantic comedies, says Fiona Adams more

21 Mar 2017 14:57 Theatre/Arts

You may think your furry friend has the proverbial life of Riley but occasionally pets need extra special pampering and perhaps even a little nail varnish, says Fiona Adams more

23 Feb 2017 17:13 Health/beauty

hairy hunk pouch copy.jpg


...or at least in the shops. There are lots of gorgeous ways to treat yourself or a loved one this Valentine’s Day. Fiona Adams goes in search of romance more

26 Jan 2017 09:49 Health/beauty

Looking to make a change in 2017? Fiona Adams asked some top nutritionists and fitness trainers to share their advice for a healthier new year more

3 Jan 2017 15:20 Health/beauty

Fiona Adams enjoys a tasty trip to Noush in Twickenham. "...unlike any other Indian restaurant that I’ve been in..." more

19 Dec 2016 10:39 Food

Matilda the Musical

Helen Maybanks

The Royal Shakespeare Society's stage adaptation of Roald Dahl’s, Matilda, is a superb roller-coaster through the full range of human emotion says Fiona Adams. 5 STARS more

13 Dec 2016 16:21 Theatre/Arts

The borough of Surrey is bursting with writing talent. Here’s our pick of the best for some Christmas reading more

21 Nov 2016 10:42 Theatre/Arts

It’s always tricky to find that perfect gift. But worry not, Fiona Adams has done the research for you this Christmas more

18 Nov 2016 14:26 Health/beauty

From revolutionary skin tightening to Prosecco-fuelled manicures, Fiona Adams finds plenty to try around the borough more

26 Oct 2016 14:58 Health/beauty

The Ancient Greeks followed health programmes, while for medieval Europeans the fault for sickness was all in the stars. Fiona Adams leafs through past prescriptions with some fun facts on health and beauty through the ages more

21 Sep 2016 16:47 Health/beauty

Being immortalized in art has always been fashionable, but posing in your underwear requires a degree of courage. Fiona Adams reveals (almost) all in a boudoir session with artist Skye Holland more

17 Aug 2016 12:35 Interviews

Some holidays leave you crying out for a rest. Not those in Aspen, Colorado. Fiona Adams heads west to a world of wellbeing more

16 Aug 2016 14:36 Health/beauty

According to recent reports, sugar is as addictive as Class A drugs. Fiona Adams enlisted the help of nutritionist Angelique Panagos to help her kick the habit more

18 Jul 2016 11:27 Food

Food doesn’t have to taste bad to be good for you. Be brave, says Fiona Adams more

23 Jun 2016 15:22 Health/beauty

A new restaurant in Surbiton offers hotel dining with an independent twist, Fiona Adams checks in more

25 May 2016 15:40 Food

With Father’s Day on June 19 fast approaching, it’s time to look for those all-important gifts to lick your dad into shape, says Fiona Adams more

24 May 2016 11:59 Health/beauty

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