We launch our very own Certificate of Excellence to reward local organisations that add to the overall culture and wellbeing of Surrey & SW London more

12 Oct 2016 11:16 News

The best way to end any week is most definitely with a hearty mountain of gravy smothered meat. Here are our top picks for roasts in Surrey that will rival even your mum's cooking. more

, Food

When it comes to championing free schools, Toby Young is a class apart. Victor Smart takes a tutorial more

12 Sep 2016 15:47 Kids/Schools

The Affordable Art Fair is back at Battersea Park October 20-23 for an arty extravaganza, showing an awesome array of original artwork all priced between £100 and £5,000. We list 5 of the things we're most excited about for this years fair. more

27 Sep 2016 14:50 Theatre/Arts

Former Good Schools Guide writer and professional education adviser, Suzie Oweiss, identifies the best independent senior schools in Surrey & South West London – with an eye for more than just the academic record more

22 Mar 2016 17:46 Kids/Schools

With five (very) young children and a new tour on the road, Rosanna Greenstreet enjoys a rare quiet moment with comedy man, Miles Jupp ahead of his performance at Epsom Playhouse September 13 more

15 Aug 2016 10:22 Interviews

Hayley Gibson-Forbes give us an expert's insight in to the top women's style and colour trends for the Autumn and Winter of 2016 more

3 Oct 2016 16:11 Health

Former Good Schools Guide writer and education adviser, Suzie Oweiss, gives her verdict (in no particular order) on 25 of the top state schools in Surrey, SW London & Berkshire that set parents’ hearts racing more

23 Sep 2016 17:21 Kids/Schools

Guildford Book Festival’s new co-director Alex Andrews tells Maria Reeves about what’s on for kids at this year’s event more

30 Sep 2016 10:34 Kids/Schools

As the Orange Tree prepares to stage a revival of Caryl Churchill’s Blue Heart, Jane McGowan catches up with two of its stars, Amelda Brown and Janet Henfrey more

30 Sep 2016 12:41 Theatre/Arts

It’s never too late to sharpen up your kitchen skills. Sophie Farrah goes in search of the best local cookery schools to help her find her inner chef more

30 Sep 2016 15:21 Food

Ahead of his latest role as Mr Bennet in Pride and Prejudice, Matthew Kelly tells Jane McGowan why he swapped prime time for the boards more

30 Sep 2016 12:09 Theatre/Arts

The Ancient Greeks followed health programmes, while for medieval Europeans the fault for sickness was all in the stars. Fiona Adams leafs through past prescriptions with some fun facts on health and beauty through the ages more

21 Sep 2016 16:47 Health

Youngsters without skills and companies without workers: something is rotten in the state of Britain. Could a new type of school help? Samantha Laurie asks its champion, former Education Secretary Lord Baker more

13 Sep 2016 14:43 Kids/Schools

Teenagers need easy-to-use bedrooms where they can work, rest and play. Emily Horton does her design homework more

1 Oct 2016 11:52 Home Style

There’s a smorgasbord of culinary courses on offer. Time to dig in, says Catherine Whyte more

22 Sep 2016 16:37 Food

Looking for full marks in the school style stakes? Mrs Stylist’s done the revision for you. Follow her tips for straight As every time more

22 Sep 2016 16:06 Kids/Schools

Guildford Book Festival’s new co-director Alex Andrews tells Maria Reeves about what’s on for kids at this year’s event more

30 Sep 2016 10:34 Kids/Schools

With 424,000 new students entering higher education, Sophie Williams asks whether the student property market is a risky business or a strategic investment? more

30 Sep 2016 11:24 Kids/Schools

Sarah Tucker and son enjoy some holiday learning on Italy’s sunlit shores more

29 Sep 2016 16:46 Kids/Schools

Being immortalized in art has always been fashionable, but posing in your underwear requires a degree of courage. Fiona Adams reveals (almost) all in a boudoir session with artist Skye Holland more

17 Aug 2016 12:35 Interviews

Catherine Whyte meets Jennifer Wood, founder of Canton Tea Company, supplier of rare and classic teas more

15 Aug 2016 12:02 Food

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