With International Yoga Day on June 21, Emily Horton meets the homegrown yogi who has spent 30 years bringing yoga to the Western world more »

24 May 2016 15:12 Interviews

Andy Smith

Nahwand Jaff

Man shall not live by bread alone – but a few sandwiches really helps. Andy Smith, founder of Feel Good Bakery, tells Samantha Laurie about a Roehampton charity putting troubled youngsters back on track more »

23 May 2016 12:12 Food & Drink

Actor Philip Glenister found fame as un-pc DCI Hunt in Life on Mars. Now he brings a new character to life in Fox Television horror series Outcast. Rosanna Greenstreet meets him more »

23 May 2016 10:49 Interviews

West Ham United's move from Upton Park to The Olypmic Stadium has given our most experienced journalist plenty of food for thought about the nature of identity more »

20 May 2016 17:48 News

In the first of our new series on wine, Margaret Clancy, our resident wine expert, looks at some beautiful picnic wines for the coming of summer more »

19 May 2016 12:27 Wine

The days are getting longer and the weather is getting less British, why not make the most of the summer sunshine by catching a flick in some lovely outdoor scenery? William Gadsby Peet looks at what’s on offer for outdoor cinema... more »

20 Apr 2015 16:05 Kids & Schools

Vet On The Hill is a new TV programme following Scott Miller's veterinary practice. The show is on More4 every Monday at 9pm. William Gadsby Peet caught up with the famous vet at his practice in Richmond more »

8 Feb 2016 13:09 News 2 Comments

Chef Jennipher Marshall-Jenkinson is busy battling health myths about microwave cooking, with an upcoming appearance on BBC1 in March. Charles Raspin explores the heated debate on microwave cooking more »

26 Feb 2016 17:22 Food & Drink

Calling all foodies! The food and drink festival season is almost upon us. Kasia Maynard investigates upcoming food and drink festivals in Surrey and South West London. more »

11 Feb 2016 17:37 Food & Drink

Roam around the finest boots in Surrey and grab a bargain at some of the largest and busiest car boot sales the country has to offer in 2016 more »

3 May 2016 00:00 Beauty

Miranda Jessop meets the woman who turned her passion for beautiful crockery into a global empire more »

29 Apr 2016 17:08 Home Style

Catering for a queen isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but you can always call the experts. Rhubarb are the go-to caterer for Britain's elite including the royal family, Catherine Whyte spoke to company director Sarah Hammond about food fit for a queen. more »

29 Apr 2016 12:54 Food & Drink

Enduring friendship or brief encounter, meeting the Queen is always a thrill. Emma Pritchard finds some locals with their own royal tale to tell more »

19 Apr 2016 00:00 Interviews

Sophie Farrah looks at some sweet treats fit for a queen; from royal standard baking, biscuits and cupcakes to regal hot tub comedy tea bags, Sophie gives you the inside scoop (pun absolutely intended). more »

18 Apr 2016 16:32 Food & Drink

How do we get more kids walking to school? First step is a blanket 20 mph limit on residential roads, says Samantha Laurie. more »

30 Jan 2015 11:54 Kids & Schools 2 Comments

Few would mark Maidenhead as a former crucible of social revolution, but it was here that the first ever British female air corps was formed. Emily Horton tells the story of the flying girls who helped to win the war in the air more »

7 Apr 2016 10:30 Interviews

Signed up to a long-distance event this spring? Avoid the cyclists’ slump and feed your body. Rapha ambassador and cycling blogger Nicole Tur offers her advice on how to beat the 'bonk' more »

8 Apr 2016 12:24 Cycling & Sport

Former Good Schools Guide writer and professional education adviser, Suzie Oweiss, identifies the best senior schools South West London – with an eye for more than just the academic record more »

22 Mar 2016 17:46 Kids & Schools

Brooklands was the birthplace of British motorsport and aviation, it's where Concorde was designed. Surrey photographer Laura Dodsworth enjoys a day out at Brooklands Museum, sharing the stories behind her volunteer picture series. more »

18 Mar 2016 10:53 Interviews

Are British kids ready for American-style summer camps? Samantha Laurie looks at the best residential kids camps in Blighty. more »

17 Mar 2016 15:56 Kids & Schools

Capt Eric 'Winkle' Brown was Farnborough’s most famous test pilot. Emily Horton pays tribute to the gentle daredevil more »

18 Mar 2016 17:53 News

Want to eat somewhere new? Why not try one of the latest restaurants to open on the patch... more »

24 Feb 2016 10:46 Food & Drink

William Gadsby Peet takes a look at some of the best places in Surrey to get your cheese and wine fix. more »

25 Feb 2016 12:29 Wine

Vegan food is really cooking. Emily Horton on two local champions standing firm against animal attraction and offering vegan cookery courses to help you get into your vegetables more »

18 Jan 2016 17:09 Food & Drink

Love running, but finding it hard to stay motivated? Join a free local running community and find some likeminded buddies to spur you on. Kasia Maynard checks out three of the best groups. more »

2 Feb 2016 14:36 Cycling & Sport


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